Mixed, Matched And Curated – How Portfolios Help Your (And The Planet’s) Race To Net Zero

Mark Stevenson

Co-founder at CUR8

Removal Methods

Each removal method comes with different advantages and limitations. Relying on one method only would give you all of its benefits but expose you entirely to all of its challenges. For instance quality afforestation (via our partners Future Forest Company and Treeconomy) delivers a host of co-benefits, notably restoring biodiversity. However, the carbon drawdown takes a long time – as trees take a lifetime to grow. Conversely Direct Air Capture (our partner here is 1pointfive) has a very fast drawdown time coupled with high durability and easy verification, but it is very expensive. We take a balanced approach, giving you a mix of speed of drawdown, durability, co-benefits and cost, akin to the blending of ingredients by a good chef to deliver a satisfying meal.

Portfolios Reduce Risk

Creating a portfolio reduces risk. Putting all your removals eggs in one basket exposes you to the risk that if a supplier fails to deliver the contracted amount of removals you’ve put your net-zero ambitions in jeopardy. CUR8 guarantees your removals, and one of the ways we are able to do this is by spreading them across a range of suppliers (so if one falls short it doesn’t affect all your removals – and we have options to bolster supply from other sources).

Removals Ecosystem

The whole carbon removal ecosystem needs rapid scaling. By working with a range of suppliers your removals budget is also helping to grow the entire sector, helping ensure there is enough supply in 1, 5, 10 and 25 years time. A portfolio approach also gives us the ability to provide you with removals that have already occurred (giving you an instant hit in your journey to net-zero) along with removals that will occur in the next few years – investing in additional projects that increase the drawdown capacity of the planet.

In short, a portfolio approach, if done well, gives you the best of all worlds.